I am Post-Doctoral Researcher at the Department of Political Science, University of Oslo. I completed my Ph.D in Political Science at the University of Vienna (Austria) in October 2012, under Sylvia Kritzinger's supervision. My research focuses on political behavior - both voter and elite level. I work on my substantive questions of interest using data, doing quantitative research, and I have developed a strong interest in and preoccupation for statistics.


work in progress

Politicizing Europe: Understanding How Politicians Sustain and Limit Politicization
with Sebastian Adrian Popa, Hermann Schmitt, Pablo Barberá, Yannis Theocharis & Olivier Parnet
Informing the Public: How Party Communication Builds Opportunity Structures
with Sebastian Adrian Popa, Daniela Braun & Melanie Leidecker-Sandmann
Incentives for Non-Participation: Absence in the United Kingdom House of Commons, 1997-2015
with Martin Ejnar Hansen